After 6 years Located at 3806 Bayshore rd, North Cape May, NJ 08204 and being  the southern most shop in New Jersey Rich felt it was time to hit the road. We feel the shop was an awesome success but it was time to go. Will be back in the summers when the. Now Rich Menet is currently appointment only at UMD tattoos 650 Cottman ave Cheltanham PA19012, 5 blocks out of the city rite past Burholme Park. UniversalMindtattoo.com .Working alongside old friends Bill Becker & Adam 12 who own the joint, its a real nice place.
Besides that I'll be doing some tattoo conventions with Kim Bowers from Fallen Angel tattoo and Guest spotting at her shop in Pottesville. Half mile from the Yeungling brewery.
Also working a couple days a week at Skin Illustration tattoo over in Jersey  rite by my twin brother Rob's Air force base Fort Dix. Its been there for a long time but my good friend and award winning artist Eric Backlund is taking it over and making it the hottest shop in central NJ.

Specializing in custom tattoos for our clients we also provide professional body piercing.
Using only the highest quality all disposable tattoo tubes and piercing clamps. Everything is one time use and disposed of properly.

Rich Menet on face book and at 215 519 9193

e mail paint215@yahoo.com

Looking forward to another epic year at the Philly show. Now booking appointments.Hit the shop up to schedule an appointment.





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